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Kihlströms Transport & Lastbilscenter Stockholm Syd AB​, ​556164-3999
Kihlströms Transport & Lastbilscenter Stockholm Norr AB, 556641-4651
(hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Supplier”)

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(hereinafter "the Customer")


  1. Background
    1. The supplier is i.a. a full-service garage that repairs and services vehicles, primarily transport vehicles
    2. Through this agreement, the parties have agreed on the conditions for carrying out these works on credit.
    3. Processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the supplier's policy which can be found, among other things, at www.kihlstroms.se
  2. Ordering
    1. Engelska Beställning av Kunden sker skriftligen, per telefon och/eller genom inlämning av aktuellt fordon till Leverantören. Orders by the Customer are made in writing, by telephone and/or by submitting the vehicle in question to the Supplier.
    2. Orders can be placed by the Customer's deputy, employees or other representatives of the Customer.
    3. Whoever submits a vehicle belonging to the Customer to the Supplier has the right to place orders - including additional orders - regarding service and/or repairs on the Customer's vehicle on behalf of the Customer.
  3. Assignment, performance and warranty
    1. The Supplier's obligation to perform an assignment for the Customer only exists after an order has been accepted.
    2. The supplier must carry out the assignment professionally and in accordance with the agreement reached.
    3. The warranty on the completed assignment is provided primarily according to Iveco and Fiat's conditions and secondarily according to MRF's repair conditions that apply from time to time, to the extent that these conditions do not conflict with this framework agreement or any other agreement reached between the parties.
  4. Price and payment
    1. Compensation takes place according to the Supplier's current price list at the time of ordering.
    2. The customer is given any discounts according to a separate agreement. Any discounts are determined based on the customer's historical turnover from year to year, discounts are not regulated by this credit agreement.
    3. Upon request from the Customer, the Supplier must provide information on current prices and submit cost proposals.
    4. The customer must make payment no later than ten days after the invoice date. Payment must be made to the account specified on the invoice.
    5. In the event of a delay in payment, late payment interest corresponding to the reference interest rate with an addition of eight percentage points is payable.
    6. The supplier has the right to charge a legal reminder fee in the event of a reminder and collection costs in the event of a debt collection claim in the event that the Customer is in arrears with payment.
  5. Examination duty and approval
    1. Before the vehicle is picked up by the Customer, his driver or other representative, the Customer is obliged to examine the assignment carried out by the Supplier.
    2. If the Customer collects the car from the Supplier, the latter has thereby approved the steps taken on the vehicle. Upon request from the Customer, the Supplier shall inform without delay of steps taken.
  6. Errors, liability and complaints
    1. The customer must complain in writing about defects in the quality of work performed or spare parts delivered, within a reasonable time after he noticed or should have noticed the defect
    2. In the event that a valid complaint has been made, in the event of an error in delivery according to this agreement, which is due to the Supplier, the latter must within a reasonable time either remedy the error in accordance with the applicable warranty conditions or make a redelivery, the Supplier's right to compensation is not adversely affected by any complaint as in instead must be remedied as above.
    3. To the extent that the Customer has any objection to the invoice issued by the Supplier in respect of other than the completed parts approved by the collection of the vehicle, a written complaint must be made within eight (8) days of receipt, after which the Supplier must check whether the prices stated in the invoice are consistent with The supplier's price list with any discounts.
    4. Compensation for indirect loss, such as loss of production or loss of profit, is not paid in the event of a fault or delay in delivery according to this agreement.
  7. Contract period
    1. This agreement comes into force from the day both parties sign this agreement and is valid indefinitely with a three (3) month notice period.
  8. Early termination due to breach of contract
    1. Either party may terminate this agreement with immediate effect if the other party materially breaches its obligations under the agreement. Termination must be made without unreasonable delay after the circumstance invoked has become known to the affected party or he should have become aware of it.
  9. Messages
    1. Complaints and other communications must be made by messenger/representative, letter, registered letter, email, SMS or by telephone according to the parties' last known contact details.
    2. The notice shall be deemed to have reached the recipient: If delivered by courier/representative: upon delivery, if sent by letter or registered letter: two (2) days after delivery for postal forwarding, if sent by email: upon confirmation of receipt from the recipient, when automatically delivery receipt received or the delivery has taken place in accordance with what has been ascertained in another way, if sent via SMS: upon confirmation of receipt from the recipient, when an automatic delivery receipt has been received or the delivery has taken place in accordance with what has been ascertained in another way, if notification has been made by telephone contact with the other the party: at the end of the telephone conversation.
  10. Force majeure
    1. A party is exempt from penalty for failure to fulfill a certain obligation under this agreement, if the failure is based on a circumstance of the type specified below ("exculpatory circumstance") and the circumstance prevents, significantly complicates or delays fulfillment thereof. Such as exculpatory circumstance shall be considered i.a. action or omission by an authority, newly added or amended legislation, conflict on the labor market, non-appearance or delayed delivery from a subcontractor that the party could not reasonably control, blockade, fire, war, flood or major accident.
    2. A party that invokes relief according to the provisions above must notify the other party thereof without delay.
  11. Changes and transfer
    1. Amendments to and additions to this agreement must be in writing and signed by the parties to be binding.
    2. A party may not fully or partially assign or pledge its rights and/or obligations under this agreement without the other party's written approval.
  12. Full regulation
    1. The agreement constitutes the parties' complete settlement of all matters to which the agreement relates. All written or oral commitments and representations that preceded the agreement are replaced by the contents of this agreement.
  13. Dispute
    1. Disputes arising from this agreement must be settled by a general court.
  14. Signatures

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